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There are currently over 500 insurance companies in Germany. Together with you, we will find the right tariff at the right company.

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There are currently over 500 insurance companies in Germany. Together with you, we will find the right tariff.

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In Germany are insurance brokers do not charge their clients any fees for their advice - neither a flat fee nor an hourly rate. Insurance brokers receive a commission from the insurance companies, which then serves to reward the consultancy.

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When creating this website, I thought about what insurance information would help me if I started a career as an ex-pat or a foreigner in Germany. You are brand new here and have probably already noticed that there are bureaucratic hurdles to planning your future work in Germany. German words are sometimes longer than all the words in the world, and we have over 100 statutory health insurance companies. In addition, there is the system of private health insurance and many other insurances that are supposedly standard in Germany.

Tips from colleagues confuse you because everyone sees the whole thing a little differently, and your situation is completely different anyway.
Let’s do all of these things together to gain security in everyday life. So you can concentrate on your career and your family, and we take care of all your insurance with heart and mind.

I have many customers from different countries, and if you can’t speak perfect English, we will solve that too. Impossible is not possible, and since you have already achieved a lot, you know that we can remove all these hurdles together and continue to steer a secure future.

Costly material damage can quickly be caused unintentionally by unfavourable circumstances. Private liability insurance is indispensable and should not be missing in any household – especially if children are involved. It compensates you for any damages you may incur to others and protects you from financial ruin in an emergency.

What insurance do i need
at the beginning?

First of all, you should know which essential insurances are recommended in Germany:
Every person who lives and works in Germany must have health insurance. Whether this is a private or a statutory health insurance is determined by the Social Security Code.
There are two assessment limits to be considered.
On the one hand, the income threshold and on the other hand, the compulsory insurance threshold.
The income threshold determines the income up to which you must pay contributions, and the mandatory insurance threshold determines the income above which you are considered to be voluntarily insured.

As an employee with a gross income of less than 62,550 €, you are compulsorily insured and must be protected in one of the statutory health insurance funds. If you are above that level, then you can decide for yourself.

In the German health insurance, the average contribution is 15.7% of the income threshold (56,250 € p.a.) without nursing care insurance, and that means 735.94 € at the peak. In addition to this, there is the nursing care insurance of 3.3% for childless people (154.69 €). You have the choice of 105 health insurance companies in Germany. Among the largest are the AOK and TK, to name just two examples.

Especially since you are not sure if you will spend your whole life in Germany, it is essential to plan with care so that you will not regret anything later.
From an income of over 62.550 €, individual planning is especially important to be covered in case of illness. Your employer usually continues to pay your salary for six weeks if you fall ill, after which the health insurance funds. Here there is a maximum of 3,281.40 EUR per month gross in the statutory health insurance. Social security contributions in the amount of 403.80 € are deducted from this. Thus you lie here with a maximum
Net of 2,877.60 EUR per month and this can very quickly lead to financial problems.
You see that already the topic of health insurance and daily allowance must be sifted through.

After 78 weeks (6 weeks employer and 72 weeks health insurance) the legal sickness benefit ends and here the situation is catastrophic especially for expatriates, because there is no coverage by the German pension insurance yet.

In order to receive a benefit under the German pension insurance scheme, a contribution payment of at least five years is mandatory in order to receive a benefit.
For a benefit from the pension insurance, a contribution payment of at least 5 years is mandatory in order to receive a benefit.

Since you have just arrived and have not paid any contributions into the German pension insurance, there is no coverage through the German pension insurance.

This brings us to the 2nd important component of your protection, namely a disability insurance. It can prevent you from becoming a social case by losing your job.
If you fall ill with a burnout or are no longer able to work for any reason, your income will be completely lost, but the costs of your livelihood will continue to exist. Your most important asset is your work force and you should make sure you have it covered to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Because without an income almost everything is impossible.
The third elementary component of your protection should be a private liability insurance, which ensures you against damages caused by you. Without this insurance, you would have to pay for any damage to people and property.

An example would be if you stumble and fall onto the road, a car crashes into another car because it wants to avoid you. The damage to both vehicles and all persons involved would have to be borne by you.

Also, personal liability insurance protects you from damage caused to you by another person who does not have liability insurance.

For example, if you go jogging in the park and hit by a cyclist, all costs incurred will be reimbursed, includes loss of working hours, rehabilitation, treatment and also consequential damages. For little money, you can get sufficient insurance here.
Martin Grödl Insurance Broker Frankfurt

Over 27 years
Insurance brokerage experience

As an expert in the field of private health insurance, we offer you advice at eye level whether it is a matter of converting your existing private health insurance within the company or switching from statutory health insurance to private health insurance.

With us, you will find comprehensive advice and offers that meet your needs and your situation.  Whether it is a matter of retirement provisions, personal security, health insurance or the protection of the material assets of you and your partner, we advise and accompany you individually and towards ex-pats in Germany.

Future proof

Be perfectly prepared for the future and do not let illness, fire or theft thwart your plans.

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Benefit from a comparison of over 96 tariffs. You get the best protection at fair prices.

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Our free insurance comparison pays off because of the premium differences of up to 83% make the difference.

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we offer you both options

Insurance Broker Frankfurt is more than just independent insurance brokers in Frankfurt am Main.

We are specialised in ex-pats like you and support you in your new way in Germany.

Insurance Broker Frankfurt is Martin B. Grödl and Thorsten Zahn. With their names, they stand for “competence in a double pack” and binding permanent support in your insurance matters. And beyond that for closeness and trust. A prerequisite for any reliable partnership.

Without being tied to any insurer, as insurance brokers, we analyse your needs for the provision and insurance solutions. Together we find the best products at best possible conditions.

You as our customer and partner are the focus of our attention. Decide in favour of transparency and a good feeling – because the provision is a matter of trust.

Although we are also based and rooted in the Rhine-Main area and Frankfurt, our clients have been approaching us nationwide for years. Nowadays, trust, reliability and state-of-the-art technology mean that geographical distances are of secondary importance in consulting. We attach great importance to personal proximity and at the same time, enjoy integrating efficient digital processes to provide you with the best possible support. You can book your desired appointment with us directly online and also receive online advice. Conveniently from home, but also at our offices in Frankfurt am Main.
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Advice in english language
Offers for employees

Health insurance is compulsory for everyone in Germany, and this also applies to self-employed persons. We specialise in the specific needs of employed academic expatriates who come to Germany and need quick advice in English. So if you would like to apply for a Blue Card or have just received a German job offer, we can already support you here. We can help you find the right health insurance solution that meets the requirements of your HR department and German law. Please also take the opportunity to contact us before you start living in Germany. It helps us a lot and often makes insurance solutions easier and without time pressure. In advance, we can already create a plan for your perfect health insurance before you register here in Germany.

Your advantage: Holistic approach

Throughout your life, you will accumulate a range of insurance products and savings plans through spontaneous decisions and advice from various financial services providers combined with good help from friends. Gradually you will lose track of all your obligations and the overall situation. Are you possibly familiar with this phenomenon?

Together with you, we at Insurance Broker Frankfurt analyse your financial situation and carry out financial planning tailored to your wishes and needs. We follow a systemic and holistic consulting approach to structure and optimise your assets and investments in such a way that you reach your life goals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a renowned company, speak English and support you in a flexible and friendly way.


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