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We check in advance all your health information and other relevant things for feasibility with the respective company. This way you only have those companies in your offer which can offer a contract at the end.

Thus you will receive an offer with all risk surcharges and if the necessary exclusion of benefits in advance to weigh up the planned insurance at all.

Code of honour:

As our client, we want to communicate and be in contact with them at eye level.

It is essential not to leave out or gloss over any health issues. In the event of a claim, the company will always check and, in the worst case, terminate the contract, and you will then have no health insurance to cover the costs you have already incurred. It is not always the case that all brokers see it that way. But it is elementary essential, and in the worst case, it is better to be insured in the public health insurance than not to be insured at all. A way back is usually very difficult or at worst, not possible. The consequence would then to be covered in the basic tariff.

Without time pressure:

Choosing private health insurance is a decision for a longer time or even for your whole life. For this reason, you should not sign a tariff in a hurry and not take the time to do so. There are always brokers who say that you have a deadline at the end of the month, but there is always a new month, and first you have to check if the feasibility is unrestricted and works properly.

Broker advantage:

The most significant advantage of an insurance broker is his independence. He is not tied to any particular insurance company, has a wide range of products at his disposal and can thus determine the right offer from a variety of insurance rates in cooperation with his clients.

Independent insurance brokers provide non-binding and individual advice and work on behalf of the policyholder. Any recommendations made are professionally justified and tailored to the personal wishes and needs of the client.


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When creating this website, I thought about what insurance information would help me if I started a career as an ex-pat or a foreigner in Germany. You are brand new here and have probably already noticed that there are bureaucratic hurdles to planning your future work in Germany. German words are sometimes longer than all the words in the world, and we have over 100 statutory health insurance companies. In addition, there is the system of private health insurance and many other insurances that are supposedly standard in Germany.

Tips from colleagues confuse you because everyone sees the whole thing a little differently, and your situation is completely different anyway.
Let’s do all of these things together to gain security in everyday life. So you can concentrate on your career and your family, and we take care of all your insurance with heart and mind.

I have many customers from different countries, and if you can’t speak perfect English, we will solve that too. Impossible is not possible, and since you have already achieved a lot, you know that we can remove all these hurdles together and continue to steer a secure future.

Costly material damage can quickly be caused unintentionally by unfavourable circumstances. Private liability insurance is indispensable and should not be missing in any household – especially if children are involved. It compensates you for any damages you may incur to others and protects you from financial ruin in an emergency.

with our experts

Personal, competent and reliable. These are the values we live by at Insurance Broker Frankfurt.
Martin Grödl Insurance Broker Frankfurt

Martin B. Groedl

Financial investment expert (IHK), PKV expert
27 years consulting and leading in the insurance industry
Special areas: private health insurance, old-age provision
and income protection.
Thorsten Zahn Insurance Frankfurt impuls

Thorsten Zahn

Financial investment specialist (IHK),
generational consultant (IHK),
insurance specialist (BMV)
company pension scheme and generational advice
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Martin Grödl Insurance Broker Frankfurt
Insurance Broker Frankfurt
Health Insurance Broker Frankfurt
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Thorsten Zahn Insurance Frankfurt impuls
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To provide security for your concerns, is Insurance Broker Frankfurt: the insurance brokerage with a particular focus on your personal goals. With us, you will find comprehensive advice and offers that match your needs and your situation. Whether it is a matter of retirement provision, personal security, health insurance or the protection of your and your partner's material assets, we advise and accompany you individually. We are oriented towards ex-pats.
Health insurance
As a private patient with insurance Broker HEALTH plus, you enjoy a free choice of doctor and hospital in the event of illness - including treatment by the chief physician or alternative practitioner. Whether daily sickness benefit, reimbursement of prescription fees or medicine at top conditions.
Household contents insurance
The things with which you habitually surround yourself will make you feel good. Do not underestimate their material value, which you must compensate for in the event of damage.
Risk life insurance
The best plans can be sharply thwarted. For example, if the primary wage earner in a family suddenly dies, major financial bottlenecks arise.
Private retirement provisions
The private pension plan can be optimally adapted to your personal needs: You can determine the term of the policy yourself, choose between a monthly pension or lump-sum payment, and, if necessary, suspend the payment of contributions.
Pet Insurance
For responsible pet owners, pet owner liability insurance should be a matter of course: If, for example, your dog runs onto the road and causes a traffic accident, you are liable with all your assets.
Homeowners insurance
Residential building insurance is a property insurance that insures your residential building against the dangers and risks insured in the insurance contract.

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Kunde Oliver Lorscheid

Professional advice

Friendly and personable advisor and perfect support in optimizing my existing health insurance.
Salon Marco Dupre Frankfurt

Friendly and competent

I am satisfied with the service from Mr. Martin Grödl. Competent advice and you feel that you are in good hands. In addition, he is always available when you need him.
testimonial insurance broker 3

Fast service

Really fast, flexible and competent. Worth a recommendation.

In the best of hands - always available

Mr. Martin Groedl looks after me personally, my family and my companies in all insurance-related areas. This has been successful and committed for more than 10 years.

Super competent!

Super competent! You have the feeling of very personal and very professional care! thank you
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Office Frankfurt
Visit us at our office in Frankfurt am Main or contact us via mail & phone for a quick and uncomplicated consultation.
Hanauer Landstraße 328-330,
60314 Frankfurt am Main
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Get in contact

Visit us at our office in Frankfurt am Main or contact us via mail & phone for a quick and uncomplicated consultation.
Hanauer Landstraße 328-330,
60314 Frankfurt am Main
+49 (069) 348 690 10

Get in contact

Visit us at our office in Frankfurt am Main or contact us via mail & phone for a quick and uncomplicated consultation.
Hanauer Landstraße 328-330,
60314 Frankfurt am Main
+49 (069) 348 690 10
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