Initial information for the policyholder according to § 15 VersVermV and § 12 FinVermV Thorsten Zahn

In accordance with legal requirements, the prospective customer/client etc. must be provided with the following initial information when first contacting an insurance intermediary or financial investment broker. I will be pleased to comply with this obligation and provide you with the following information:


Your personal consultant


Insurance broker with permission according to § 34 d Abs. 1 GewO  and
Financial investment brokers in accordance with § 34 f para. 1 GewO

for the mediation of or advice on

✅ Units or shares in domestic open-ended investment funds, open EU investment funds or foreign open-ended investment funds,
which may be distributed in accordance with the German Investment Code (§ 34 f para. 1 sentence 1 no. 1 GewO)

✅ Units or shares in domestic closed-end investment funds, closed-end EU investment funds or foreign closed-end investment funds that may be distributed in accordance with the German Investment Act (§ 34 f (1) sentence 1 no. 2 GewO)

✅ Investments within the meaning of § 1 para. 2 of the German Investment Act (§ 34 f para. 1 sentence 1 no. 3 GewO)

and registered in the insurance intermediary register under the following
Registration number: D-7QQ1-A708I-26

and registered with the following IHK:  IHK Aschaffenburg

and in the register of financial investment brokers under the following
Register number:  D-F-115-BRSD-13

with the following IHK:IHK Wiesbaden

Participations in or by insurance undertakings

Your personal advisorThorsten Zahn

Insurance and financial investment intermediaries
Hanauer Landstraße 328-330
60314 Frankfurt

Telefon / Fax
Tel: +49 (069) 260 96 452
Fax: +49 (069) 260 96 101

Joint information for impuls AG and your personal consultant.Common

The status information can be checked in the intermediary register under the register numbers mentioned above.

Intermediary Register
Register-keeping body according to § 11a GewO:

Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK) e.V.
Breite Straße 29
10178 Berlin

Phone.: (0 180) 60 05 85 0 (Festnetzpreis 0,20 €/ Anruf; Mobilfunkpreise maximal 0,60 €/Anruf)

Competent conciliation office
Versicherungsombudsmann e.V.
Postfach 08 06 32
10006 Berlin

Ombudsmann Private Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung
Postfach 06 02 22
10052 Berlin

Consulting and remuneration
We offer a consultation within the framework of a mediation activity. In connection with the mediation
we receive brokerage fees, which are included in the insurance premium. We receive other benefits,
which are not included in the insurance premium. In suitable cases we mediate on a fee basis.
Here the fee is to be paid directly by the policyholder. However, this must be in a separate
fee agreement must be set out in writing.


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