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There are more and more older people and fewer and fewer young people. The background of this demographic development is well known by everyone these days. And there are many ways to make appropriate provision for yourself personally. Whether a state-subsidized investment or a purely private pension plan, that is one of the many questions here. "Should I get huge or is it not worth it because same-sex couples are not eligible?"

In the following, you will find a lot of information on different types of retirement and other personal provision. And since all our insurance products and services are tailored to expatriates, you will find various details here than at other institutions and insurance brokers. Unfortunately, pension products are usually tailored to German-speaking customers and do not take into account the understandable explanations of the often bureaucratic products. If you take out cover too late, this is often followed by a cap that leads to lower pension payment. Therefore, individual advice for new foreign citizens is highly recommended.

Often the insurance industry has its jargon. "Should it be a basic provision from layer I (e.g. Rürup pension) or a company pension insurance from layer II?" "Do I take the private pension insurance offered by my bank from layer III, or is there a product suitable for me? All right? No?
As you can see, this is not an easy issue to resolve. Many people choose to use a product called a "TV dinner". But who wants to go without a balanced diet in real life?

Basic pension (Rürup pension)

high tax savings in the savings phase
lifelong, guaranteed pension
flexible savings contract
secured in case of Hartz IV and insolvency
personal expert consultation
Insurance Broker RISK plus

Risk Lifeinsurance

Low contributions
best price-performance ratio on the market
flexible tariff arrangement possible
full coverage from the first post
financial security for your family
Insurance Broker RISK PLUS

Risk life insurance

The best plans can be sharply thwarted. For example, if the primary wage earner in a family suddenly dies, major financial bottlenecks arise. A term life insurance helps you to provide reliably for your relatives for the future. Regardless of how many premiums have been paid so far, the survivors will receive the full sum insured.
Insurance Broker CLASSIC plus PENSION

Private pension provision

Alternative to a lifelong pension from the age of 62, this model of old-age provision offers possibilities of having a share of up to 30% of the capital paid out at the beginning of the benefit phase at one go. With INSURANCE BROKER BUSINESS plus, a lump-sum option can also be contractually granted as an option so that the entire capital can be paid out.

Supplementary pension provision
(Riester pension)

Get funding rates of more than 50%.
Tax advantages and high returns
Lifelong, guaranteed pension
Seizure-proof in the case of Hartz IV
Personal expert consultation
Can also be used as a residential Riester

Protection against
occupational disability

Best price-performance ratio on the market
Risk assessment even before the application is submitted
Best market conditions
Reasonably-priced alternatives
Cooperation with the independent rating agency Franke & Bornberg

personal risks

Make sure that you have adequate provision for the worst-case scenario in the form of a pension or lump-sum settlement.
You can also arrange adequate coverage for your partner or family.
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