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our insurance services

private health insurance

As a private patient with INSURANCE BROKER HEALTH plus, you enjoy free choice of doctor and hospital in case of illness - including treatment by the head physician or alternative practitioner. Whether daily sickness benefit, reimbursement of prescription fees or medicine at top conditions - your private insurance will be adapted to your needs.

household contents insurance

With INSURANCE BROKER HOME plus you bring security into your home. You will receive a free comparison of the tariffs of 25 providers. Design your household insurance and take out your home contents insurance. Losses can be cushioned: with INSURANCE BROKER HOME plus!

risk life insurance

The best plans can be sharply thwarted. For example, if the main wage earner in a family suddenly dies, major financial bottlenecks arise. A term life insurance helps you to provide reliably for your relatives for the future. Regardless of how many premiums have been paid so far, the survivors will receive the full sum insured.

private pension provision

As an alternative to a lifelong pension from the age of 62, this model of old-age provision offers the possibility of having a share of up to 30% of the capital paid out at the beginning of the benefit phase at one go. With INSURANCE BROKER BUSINESS plus, a lump-sum option can also be contractually granted as an option so that the entire capital can be paid out.

pet owners liability

For responsible pet owners, pet owner liability insurance should be a matter of course: If, for example, your dog runs onto the road and causes a traffic accident, you are liable with all your assets. The protection of a pet owner's liability insurance is worth a lot, because it compensates the damage up to a contractually agreed coverage amount. Your dog's relatives and third-party guardians are also insured.

personal advice at eye level

We offer you a comprehensive personal consultation at any time. We offer this in several languages.

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